Custom Order Policies

Lilacs & Whiskey Creations customizes wedding and special event accessories.  Due to the customization of each-and-every piece we create, your order is non-refundable.  Please read our policies for custom creations below.

Policies are as follows:

  • Due to the customization of each piece and the amount of time spent researching and obtaining the materials needed for every order, all orders must be paid in full before the creation process begins. Each customized order can see from 5-100+ hours spent on research alone for that order.
  • The customer also understands that many hours of research to find the materials needed for their piece as well as design and creation time has gone into the making of their custom piece and therefore their order will not be re-funded.
  • Multiple production photos and consultation conversations take place during the creation process to ensure that the customer is getting exactly what they are wanting. One in-person consultation or 4 email consultation appointments are included in the cost of your order. Any time and expenses spent on consultation after this will be subject to an additional $40 per hour consultation fee, plus expenses, and plus travel expenses; there is a minimum charge of $40.
  • Once custom materials have been purchased for an order, these items belong to that order and will be used for that order.
  • If the customer changes their mind on the design or materials for their order at any time, they may choose to have those materials re-stocked into Lilacs & Whiskey Creations inventory. Items being re-stocked will be subject to an 80% re-stocking fee due to the customization of the materials and the time and expense it took to obtain those materials.  The customer has the option of keeping the materials however the customer will be charged a $40 per hour fee for the research time and they will be responsible for all of the other expenses to obtain that order, including but not exclusive to, travel expenses, parking fees, courier, and mail.  The customer will be responsible for the cost of the new materials and expenses for their order.
  • The customer may cancel their order at any time in the creation process however they understand that by doing so they have chosen to abandon their order. In abandoning an order, the customer understands that no money will be refunded due to the time and expenses spent for consultation and research for their order, as well due the design customization of each order. Lilacs & Whiskey Creations reserves the right to charge a customer who is cancelling an order for the full cost of that order to recover the cost for the consultation, research, design, and materials,  if we so choose.
  • If an item has been initiated and/or created, and a customer decides they no longer want the item, the customer can choose to abandon the item to Lilacs & Whiskey Creations or re-sell it themselves.
  • Lilacs & Whiskey Creations does not buy back an order under any circumstance.